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Connect Lead is the first regional business development focused consulting firm that aspires to help entrepreneurs and business owners reach their aspirations through advisory and consulting services. With a team of over 150 years of cumulative experience in the region, superior business knowledge, a vast network and exposure to opportunities like no other, we work to serve our clients to the highest standards and ensure their business outrun its own competition. Our clients benefit from our tailor made services which integrates expertise and knowledge from highly regarded innovators in the regional market which has proven to show tangible and outstanding business results. We are up to date on the daily market challenges and this allows us to innovate and deliver better, faster and more effectively.



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    One of the reasons we partnered with LEAD is that they have an expert and experienced team, who are dedicated, hardworking and are very proficient.

    LEAD has helped us achieve our goals by providing us a generous number of successful business leads and have played a major role during the Knowledge Summit 2019 success story. We highly recommend LEAD to be considered as a partner in any future plan, and we believe that they will surpass expectations and deliver outstanding services.
    Shamsa Al Blooshi, Director of Partnership
    Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation
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    LEAD were our top partners for World Blockchain Summit – Dubai held in October 2019. Through them, we were able to gather valuable insights, support and outreach towards hosting our event.Needless to say they are one of the few industry players who combine their expertise and network in achieving favorable results. With the love & encouragement we received in 2019 through this partnership, it’s a no brainer for us to continue working with LEAD for our upcoming initiatives.
  • Working with LEAD has really been a game-changer as they are very resourceful, well-connected  and provide key market insights to support us in order to develop and expand our business in the Emirates.
    Sahil Arora, Founder
    Zelaa Pay

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